The Journey Begins

Since I have known David- some 15 years, he has always talked about sailing around the UK as one of those things on the list of things he would like to do.

To be fair, David is fairly laid back and so doesn’t have much in the way of this sort of thing on his want list, well not like me anyway who tends to be a bit like a ‘dog with a bone’ when I really want something. Take buying a caravan for example, when that appeared on my list, it wasn’t just there, hiding at the bottom. I wanted one and I was determined to make it happen and so spent the next month, totally and utterly absorbed in all things caravanning from online forums to finance packages and everything in between and ultimately we got our caravan and had several amazing years making memories with our children.

Don’t get me wrong, David enjoys life and what we do but he simply isn’t pushy, its not his style and so some of the lifelong ambitions of his, tend to sit quietly at the bottom of the list without being realised.

As a landlocked sailor, living and working in Bolton, Davids dreams have been pretty hard to put into action without considerable effort and expense.

We do get off to the coast when we can, in particular Dartmouth and that satiates things a little, but being on the embankment simply isnt the same for David and so its time for him to get back into boating, be back on the water AND sail the UK and tick some of those things off the list.

So, no time like the present and no point starting with something small, lets start with the biggie and get it ticked off the list and sail around the UK in 2018.

Eeek – there, I’ve said it and the most scary bit of all this is, the closest I have been to anything boating is a ferry to France.

Fun times ahead shipmates 🙂



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