Under Way and Making Way!

Well, it’s official, we’re making progress. It’s been a dream for so long that it’s difficult to believe it’s actually going to happen. But it is…

I know you don’t actually need an International Certificate of Competence to sail around the UK but having renewed my RYA membership and updated my ICC for all categories – just the Inland Waterways certificate to acquire now! – it really demonstrates progress, even if for now it’s only mental progress but they’re here, they’re in date and we’re off!

My last ICC expired in 2011 and that only showed me qualified for Power up to 10m, as I applied for it on the back of completing my Level 2 Power Boat qualification in Liverpool in 2006. I didn’t realise the implication of it then but as I came to renew recently, I saw the opportunity to add on my previous qualifications and sent off my Coastal Day Skipper qual’ from 1999 and my Royal Navy Bridge Watchkeeping certificate, gained in 1981 when I was Navigator onboard the Ton Class Minesweeper HMS Maxton.

So I was really impressed that it finally arrived with everything approved (except Inland Waterways, which I didn’t realise had totally different Rules Of The Road in Europe – So perhaps as well they didn’t automatically approve it for me!)

So here it is, the adventure begins. Even Gaynor is getting in the mood and perusing used boats to find the perfect vessel to take us safely around our Scepter’d Isle and the rest of Britain!

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