Boats are like caravans

OK so David is going to kill me for this blog, but its true!

We once had a static caravan and I loved it but OMGosh I never realised just how many makes and models, layouts, bedroom styles and more there actually was.

Well buying a boat, it seems, is the same.

Of course as a girl and a non sea faring girl at that, I am looking at all the fluffy stuff and what it looks like inside, is there sunbathing room (you never know, the sun may come out in the UK at some point next summer) and the overall comfort value!

I am also thinking about how easy the boat needs to be to get on and off and the reason for this is that once on holiday in Dartmouth, we were on a water taxi to a restaurant/hotel barge in the middle of the Dart and had to divert taking some boaty people back to their vessel (spot the nautical word) Well we pulled alongside this boat and I sat in awe of this lady in her 50’s having to hoist herself up the side on a precarious ladder and into the boat and she did it without looking remotely scared or silly.

So I am thinking I may need a little practice at this or I may never leave our boat for the 3 months of the journey, so the easiest thing is to state my criteria of ‘easy on and easy off’ at the rear of the boat (I think there is another nautical term I need to learn here).

Anyway I am busy looking at boats with David and while he looks at ‘keels’ and such like, I am looking at loos and bedrooms!

Happy Boat Hunting!


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