Reality Strikes!

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, not the goal

Procrastination  and a lack of belief has caused me to postpone our ‘Round the UK Cruise’ until 2018… Here’s why.

Mid last year I posted that my wife, Gaynor and I would fulfill a long held ambition of mine to sail around the UK in 2018. The plan was flawed because of a number of things but non more crushing than the realisation that I don’t think I really believed it would happen!

I’ve now come to realise that my lack of action has meant that it’s now too late to really pull the plan together and execute it this year and I can only think it’s because it’s been a dream of mine for so long that I think I’d come to believe it would never really happen and so I didn’t take the action I needed to actually make it happen.

Honestly, I’m gutted in my own lack of belief and faith in myself that it’s come to this.

BUT common sense having kicked in, agreement and backin from Gaynor, my wife and with a renewed sense of adventure, we’re now planning to make 2018 a year of serious planning, training and boat searching, so that our adventure WILL happen in 2019.

I now make a public announcement and pledge to myself and Gaynor, that 2019 will see us cast off and ‘cruise’ around the UK in a ‘motor cruiser’ not a ‘sailing boat’.


I’ll explain my reasoning and motives in due course in subsequent blogs but for now, let’s accept that setbacks happen, life and ‘head baggage’ gets in the way but when you have a true desire to do something, you shouldn’t let anything stop you.

Im not going to let REGRET be something that spoils my later years and at the age of 57, I’m determined that boating and the marine leisure industry will feature hugely in my next career!

The journey’s going to be epic! Stick around…

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