About Us!

The time has come to act on a lifelong ambition and passion for all things nautical and boating. Together with Gaynor, my wife, we’re going to sail around the UK!

I stress that this is MY ambition and passion and Gaynor is coming along in support and for the adventure but she hasn’t yet been bitten by the sailing bug. Time for that as we go!

After 10 years as a Royal Naval Officer, I returned home to the North West of England in 1989 and set up a business which I then operated for nearly 25 years, nothing to do with boats! living and working almost as far away from the sea I as could possibly be anywhere in the UK. What on earth was I thinking!

But I never lost my passion for boats, all kinds of boats and things that happen on or around the water and I know I’m not alone in this… admit it, you wouldn’t be reading this now if you didn’t share something of the same feeling.

So now, Gaynor and I want to share all sorts of things from boats and where to find them, to restaurants, bars or hotels with a nautical flavour or great boating location, people, their boats and boating adventures and much more related content to inform, entertain and whet your appetite for getting involved in boats and boating.

We hope you enjoy our page and feel free to contribute your thoughts and feelings.

Until we see you afloat…